“Thank you for the gift of your beautifully arranged CD and how you interpreted the music! What a gifted pianist and musician you are! Your music brings such peace and comfort, and invites the Spirit into our home. We love the selections and the inspirational way you play!” ~ Steve & Irene Bergstedt, Central Point, OR
“I absolutely love ‘Silver Creek’ – it’s very beautiful. You have a gift for movement of harmony. I will be on the lookout for your book.” ~ Kathy Dalton, Willis, VA
“One of the sisters played this [‘Master, the Tempest Is Raging’] in our stake conference adult session last night. This is not one of my favorite hymn tunes in the book, but I quite enjoyed this arrangement. The symbolism and imagery apparent in your piano setting really transform an otherwise tedious melody and really make it engaging and fresh! Thank you!” ~ Chad Staten
“Thank you so much for this arrangement of ‘Does the Journey Seem Long?’  After learning about the life of Joseph Fielding Smith and his experiences which inspired the words he wrote for this song, I can’t hear it the same anymore.  This arrangement invites the Spirit in such a way that it is hard to keep my composure.  This arrangement is simply beautiful.  Thank you so much for putting in the time to make an ordinary hymn that very few know about into something special.” ~ Raymond Griffin
“I have been working on music from your Christmas Eve book for several months. I deeply love ‘We Three Kings.’ Several other favorites in this book are ‘Mary’s Lullaby’ and ‘Away in a Manger/Infant Holy, Infant Lowly.’ The latter goes through my head all day long, in a good way. I am now working on ‘O Come, O Come, Emmanuel.’ I had to get out my metronome, but it’s been worth it. Of course ‘The Messiah Medley’ was the first I learned, and some of those melodies, such as ‘He Shall Feed His Flock,’ should be a separate arrangement of their own (Please!). This has been an unusual Christmas season for me, with enough time to practice and learn these pieces. I attend church in a small branch where there is no organ, just a piano, so I have been able to use this music for prelude and postlude this month. I have books galore of Christmas music, and this is the only one I have used this holiday season. Thank you, thank you, thank you for creating such beautiful and yet challenging arrangements.” ~ Julie Markham, Provo, UT
“Thank you for the stirring piano version of ‘A Mighty Fortress.’ Your arrangement truly matches the words and meaning of the hymn. God bless.” ~ Marcia Koopmann
“I have listened to [‘Journey of Remembrance’], and am now very excited about practicing this beautiful song. Thank you!” ~ Holly
“I discovered some of Anne’s music in the music library at LDS.org. The powerful emotions expressed in ‘Does the Journey Seem Long’ and ‘I Need Thee Every Hour/Abide With Me, ‘Tis Eventide’ have the ability to stir my soul and fill me with peace and calm as I (very slowly) play through them. I was thrilled tonight to discover this webpage and listen to the vastly different genres that she is able to quite adeptly compose! I can’t wait to listen to and play more of Anne’s music!” ~ Amaree Matthews, Port Orchard, WA
“Thank you for your beautiful arrangement of ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’! We sang it as a duet and it was so pretty. I absolutely love the beautiful accompaniment to such a well known hymn. It just made it special.” ~ Liz Hoggan
“I play piano at the Stormont Vail Cancer Center every Monday from 10 to 11:30 and I enjoy it so much because they are so appreciative. I like to sprinkle your stuff in among my selections because they are recognizable and perky. Makes everyone feel good!” ~ Mary Gerstner, Topeka, KS
“This morning I downloaded the ‘Eventide’ album and poked around the website. What a treasure! I’ve been playing the album all morning — it is beautiful! I love your interpretations — they are so sensitive and beautifully done. Music is so important to me, and having this in my collection brings me joy. You are truly gifted. Thank you for sharing your talent.” ~ Joyce Haldeman, Las Vegas, NV
“I just bought your ‘Eventide’ – both the sheet music and a digital recording – and I can’t wait to start learning some of the arrangements! One of the things I love about your arrangements is how sensitively you match your music to the text – deepening its meaning, illuminating it with light from within, enhancing and enriching the encounter and connection to the divine. I am always hunting for interesting arrangements that aren’t boring and repetitious, particularly of lesser-used hymns. Arrangements of ‘How Great Thou Art’ or ‘I Am A Child of God’ are done over and over again….but since I play special music frequently in Sacrament Meeting or Stake firesides, I search for something that isn’t just more of the same. And to my delight you offer some such arrangements. Thank you! Also, I love-love-love ‘I Have Two Little Hands’!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More, please!!!! 🙂 I love how you have taken simple children’s songs and done not just fun things, but interesting things…such as ‘Over the Mountain.’ I am having WAY too much fun listening to your music!” ~ Marion Deniston, Elko, NV
“I have been looking forward to hearing your piece ‘Does the Journey Seem Long?’ ever since I saw it on the program when we received our music for this festival [Church Music Festival on Temple Square, February 2015]. This song has meant a lot to me over the years as I have struggled with much illness. Not long ago, it hung on my wall where I could read it easily from bed. It also has the sweetest story behind it – how the prophet Joseph Fielding Smith drew from his experience to write the words for his sick wife. Thanks for submitting this! I am excited to be blessed by it!” ~ Jennifer Thurgood
“This a lovely arrangement [of ‘The Lord Is My Shepherd’]. It is so peaceful — you are so talented!” ~ Shauna
“Thank you very much for your beautiful arrangement of my favorite hymn [‘Master, the Tempest Is Raging’]. I plan use your arrangement as an accompaniment for a solo performance at my church’s concert. God bless you with many more inspirations that yield such beautiful pieces of music.” ~ George Agyapong, Harvard Medical School student
“Thank you for making your arrangement of ‘I Heard the Bells On Christmas Day’ available for free download. I had one of my ward’s pianists play it for our Christmas sacrament program last year, and it was lovely. Thank you again, and all the best.” ~ Keshia Lai, Singapore
“I just want to thank you for this beautiful arrangement [of ‘Come, Follow Me/I Know That My Savior Loves Me’]. I am serving a mission in Germany with my husband and I play for the Primary. There were only 4 children participating in this small branch for the Sacrament Meeting Program and we wanted something to make them feel good as they sang these beautiful songs. We used it for the closing song and included a violin, organ, and the congregation. It was wonderful and I loved it in the German language! Don’t you just love it that music is international? Thank you for sharing with us!” ~ ReNae Woolsey, Germany
“I would like to say thank you SO much for providing the arrangement of ‘Come Follow Me’ combined with ‘I Know That My Savior Loves Me’ on the freeldssheetmusic.org website! We had our Primary Program a couple of weeks ago and ended the Sacrament Meeting with this arrangement (with a little tweaking…we had the regular hymn accompaniment for verses 1-3, and then had your arrangement start with verse 4 and continue through 6). As soon as I found the music, I knew it was going to be powerful. And it surely was!! I cried uncontrollably as the children came back in to sing the chorus “I know He lives…”, and then the power and spirit that was in the room with the piano and organ combined and singing that amazing last verse was so awesome!! Thank you, thank you for sharing this inspired piece with everyone!” ~ Katie Hopkins, Parkway 1st Ward Primary President
“She makes up her own music so I know she will play SO good!” ~ Ariana (age 7.94), McMinnville, OR, on hearing that her Primary teacher, Sister Britt, will be able to play the piano for her baptism 
“Thanks for the beautiful arrangement of ‘Come Follow Me/I Know That My Savior Loves Me.’ It will be the perfect conclusion to our Primary Program in the fall. Thanks for remembering the organist, too! Makes it easy to include the congregation on that last verse.” ~ Lauri Driggs, Provo, UT
“Just want to say how much I enjoy your music. You are truly gifted. I met my husband in a singing group at BYU Hawaii in the ’70s. We love music so much. He has recently started writing music. We work with the music in our ward. We have an older member who lost his son in Afghanistan. He is a Yankee living in the south with a great voice. We are going to have him read the words to ‘Does the Journey Seem Long?’ and then have your music played by one of our very talented piano players in the ward. Music can deliver the theme/message of the Sacrament meeting sometimes when the talks can’t. Just thank you for all your efforts in creating beautiful music. It lifts.” ~ Thelma Gunter, Greenville, SC
“I am so grateful for your music. I got one of the BonaFide boxes this spring. I keep your CD in the car and listen to and from work and on the way to the temple. Your music is the perfect antidote to slaving over a hot keyboard as a legal secretary.” ~ Lynn Davis, Garland, TX
“Hi, Anne – My husband and I sat with you at the Church Music Festival this spring, and we enjoyed talking with you very much. I wanted to tell you that I finally got the chance to perform your piece in sacrament meeting! I just love how you arranged ‘Master, the Tempest is Raging.’ The piece is challenging but still reverent, evocative, unique, and classy. One of my favorite things about it is the extended ending, which allows the feeling of ‘peace, be still’ to really settle in. Many ward members gave compliments. My Relief Society president, not a musician at all, told me that the song helped her imagine the wind and waves. My husband saw several people pull out their hymnals to read the words as I played. Several older gentlemen tearfully expressed their thanks for the song. A young father, who very recently had a stroke, said that when he listened to the music, he felt like everything was going to be all right for him. I had been practicing the piece for about a year, waiting for the right time to play it in church. I guess today was the right day. 🙂 I thought you would like to know that your music made a difference in my ward today! Thanks for sharing your talents in such a personal way. Thanks for writing spiritual music that is fun for a trained pianist to play. I truly appreciate what you do!” ~ Katherine Wright, Parker, CO
“Sister Britt, I feel a need to thank you for your wonderful book, Eventide. I picked it up at Best in Music in Provo a year or so ago and started working on the music. I’m pretty accomplished, but these were all so fun and challenging. In the beginning some were just too weird and I left them alone, but after learning ‘Master, the Tempest is Raging,’ I realized it was me who was weird. I had ignored ‘Come, Come Ye Saints,’ but it is now one of my favorites. I love the change in the rhythm in these hymn arrangements, they are so fun to play and yet so, so beautiful. I hope there is another book of your arrangements in my future.” ~ Julie Markham
“I played your arrangement of ‘Master, the Tempest is Raging’ yesterday in our Sacrament Meeting, and the congregation seemed to love it, judging by their comments afterward. Three or four of them told me that it brought them to tears, and many said how beautiful your arrangement was. I love it because the music itself tells the story of the hymn. I first heard your arrangement at the February 2014 Church Music Festival, where I was in attendance. Thank you for writing such a beautiful arrangement. It was a wonderful experience to play it yesterday, and I enjoyed practicing it very much in the weeks before I was scheduled to do a piano solo.” ~ Bonnie Hart Murray, Aurora, CO
“Another lovely piece from a very talented artist! I love that your music can transport me to many different places depending on which song or hymn I listen to. Thank you for sharing your talent with us.” ~ Denise del Mundo, Cambridge, Canada
“What a blessing! Thanks for sharing your music again, Anne. This music (which I’ve been listening to several times) and your written paragraph fits in perfectly with a lot of what I spoke about this morning in worship. It’s a true blessing this evening to experience a deepening of this morning’s message for my own journey. Just as I wrote that, Reverbnation started playing “Journey of Remembrance.” See? What a blessing! Peace be with you.” ~ Pastor Ralph Mineo, North Baltimore, Ohio
“Thank you for the lovely arrangement of ‘I Need Thee Every Hour.’ I am playing for a funeral in a week and, as several people are coming from out of town (and a few from out of country), I need a lot of prelude music, just in case they get lost from the airport. Much more than I have stashed away. The piece is perfect, especially as ‘I Need Thee’ was one of my friend’s favourite hymns.” ~ Nicola Wood, Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada
“I’m so excited to play your music. I love listening to it while I’m getting ready in the mornings. Thank you for sharing and adding to my day in the very best way.” ~ Wendy Maxfield, Idaho Falls, ID
“Thank you for sharing these lovely pieces.” ~ JL Conradt/Zion Lutheran Church, Redmond, OR
[Review of “Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning” from the 2015 Sacred Sheet Music Competition] “Wow! What a completely different version to this well known hymn. I love the 12/8 time signature and the lively rhythm that goes with it – not at all what I expected. I like where it goes deeper and moody in the middle and then the original rhythm emerges towards the end. Fantastic talent – well done!” ~ Anonymous
“Love your site!!!” ~ Tammy Elkins, Valley Center, CA
“I’m very excited to play the music as prelude for sacrament meeting, they are really beautiful arrangements!” ~ Kaitlyn Carthew, Wantirna South, Victoria, Australia
” I really appreciate simple, yet beautiful arrangements that are enjoyable for me to play as well as to listen to. You do it beautifully with your simple elegance and calm mood. Your talent brings a spirit to your music that’s refreshing.” ~ Anonymous
“Lovely 🙂 Your inspiration inspires me!” ~ Anonymous
[Review of “I Need Thee Every Hour/Abide With Me; ‘Tis Eventide” from the 2014 Sacred Sheet Music Competition]“My spirit connects with this music to soothe it and bring the peace I would have in the presence of the Savior.” ~ Anonymous
“Thanks for all of your hard work in providing good church music!” ~ Wesley Marler, Lewiston, UT
“Thanks for sharing your incredible talent.” ~ Angel Aguiar, Dayton, OR
“Thank you for the music and your website. I am excited that I found your site, and will be back often.” ~ Joan Trentadue, Montpelier, VT
“I’m always looking for ‘different’ arrangements of hymns, both for prelude and for the choir. So I find artists like yourself that I love and frequent those sites. Thank you for sharing your amazing gift.” ~ Cheryl Skelton, Bountiful, UT
“I used to sit at the piano and sing this [‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’] with my mother. What a lovely arrangement – takes me right back to those days.” ~ Dave Burke, Hillsboro, OR
“Fingers flying over the keys….beautiful. You have your own style…..don’t lose it! Peace.” ~ JP Yonelunas, Medford, NY
“Anne is an example of somebody with focus and talent.  I feel the same way when I get around ice cream.” ~ Mike Henneke, Rexburg, ID
“I appreciate talented people very much and enjoyed listening to your beautiful compositions.  Creating music is an incredible blessing and a wonderful way to be a part of God’s creative experience.  Best of wishes for success in your musical endeavors!” ~ Matt Hoffman, McMinnville, OR
“I am listening to ‘You Are My Sunshine/Over the Rainbow’ and really liking the music.  You see, my Dad used to pound out ‘You Are My Sunshine’ on our old upright, for Mom, and sing it. Brings back some memories for me!” ~ Ron Parks, McMinnville, OR
[Review of “Master, the Tempest is Raging” from the 2013 Sacred Sheet Music Competition] “Clearly this was put together by someone with a great love for the piano and a profound understanding and appreciation of the instrument.  Inescapably this is written in someone’s very individual ‘style’ and as such it will appeal to some and not to others.  This style differs from a lot of popular ‘LDS’ music, which can be a good thing.  It’s flourishy without being show-offy.  It doesn’t seem easy to play, but that’s not a requirement for good music.  My old music director used to intone, ‘Do you think the audience cares how hard it is?’  Thank you for sharing your work and please, please keep making music!” ~ Anonymous
[Review of “Old Rocking Chair” from the 2013 Sacred Sheet Music Competition] “This song is so pretty and relaxing that I had to play it a couple of times to force myself to be analytical, which is a very good sign.  It could use bass and drums, but I really love the lullaby vocal tone. This isn’t someone trying to sound like a star singer – it sounds like a mom singing to her child, with all her love. That’s real, and as songwriter Jason Blume says, it’s tough to beat what’s real.  Hats off to you for a very nice song and the beginnings of a very nice demo track.” ~ Anonymous
“Very sweet. Thank you for sharing your creative gifts with us!” ~ Anonymous
“You have some very nice piano pieces on your site. I’ve linked to you on my resources page, and I look forward to seeing new pieces as you post them. Keep writing!” ~ Nathan Howe, Colorado
“Simply beautiful.” ~ Julie Packard, Adair Village, OR
“Wow!!  You are incredible!!  I love the music!!” ~ Teresa Wirfs, Spring Creek, NV
“LOVE your piano solos.” ~ Marla Martindale, Mesa, AZ
“Very soothing… I did wai lana yoga while listening to your peaceful sounds.  You are so gifted.  Thanks for sharing!” ~ Beverly Barnett, Spokane, WA
“This absolutely made my day!” [‘I Have Two Little Hands’] ~ Catherine
“Anne is one of my favorite artists!  She has such talent and her songs are so uplifting.  My husband and I have been enjoying her music all afternoon.” ~ Cindy Hills, Alpine, UT
“I love the song ‘Drifting.’  I got chills as I played it and it was not the room.  🙂  I read most of the backgrounds with the songs.  You write so expressively!  I love the humor, and the duck and rose petals story made me cry.  Thank you for sharing your soul!” ~ Melissa Riches, Newberg, OR
“Good work!   [‘Rock-a-Bye Baby’] is lovely and it is so suited to the nature of the song.  A nice way to end this collection.  I may just have a student or two starting this tomorrow!!  I’m listening to you playing it right now.  Brings sweet memories of my own little ones – including you.  I still play your music a lot and you are still my favorite composer.  Some might say I am prejudiced – but so what?  Love you, Anne.” ~ Mom, Cave Junction, OR
“Everyone loved your playing at our wedding—my Nana still raves about it (she’s really into piano and trumpet music, and I showed her your website and played some of your songs for her, which she loved). It really added so much to the ceremony and we loved your work. ” ~ Kelly Searle, McMinnville, OR
“I stumbled upon your piano version of ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day’ and think it is lovely.  I hope to use your arrangement for a holiday program, with a narrator reading 4 verses from Longfellow’s poem.” ~ Mary Loyer
“You are seriously talented!  I can play anything put in front of me, but I couldn’t compose anything if my life depended on it!  I’m jealous. ~ Krista Baker, Plano, TX
“This is a very unique and beautiful sound.  I could truly visualize a story in the instrumental.  Nice work!” ~ Atlanta, GA
“Very enjoyable music, good variety, very well-played.  The production/recording is professional level.” ~ Towson, MD
“I gotta tell you, my great-grandma used to sing that ‘Froggy’ song to me when we played dominoes.  Her false teeth would click and she smelled of BenGay.  She was the sweetest person I probably ever knew.  Thanks for the fond memories.” ~ Brent Parker, Canon City, CO
“Love your website and music!  I’m especially fond of the bluesy numbers.  Glad I found you.” ~ Sally Godard, McMinnville, OR
“Your song is beautiful…but I love the ‘Froggy Went A-Courtin’.’  You are so talented. ” ~ Briana Heady, McMinnville, OR
“Ohhh… I’m so darned old that I actually remember ‘My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.’  And it’s a wonderful song made even more beautiful by your arrangement and keyboard skills.  And ‘Puff, the Magic Dragon’ is incredible.  Really nice stuff.” ~ HardTwistMusic, Salem, OR
“This is dreamy music [“Uirapuru”].  It’s meant for relaxation or could be a good lullaby.  Great piano play.” ~ Music Xray New Songs Week Ender July 11th 2010
“Wow! What a refreshing treat this song is [“Cayo Coco Island”]!  Whimsical, light, yet based in classical piano traditions makes this a unique musical offering. The piano, wrapped in a catchy beat, makes this song glide into a samba plain and takes the listener into a fresh new adventure for their ears. This song is a gem, and the arrangements and production are solidly done.” ~ Michele McManmon, LA Indie Music Examiner
“Surfing the REVERBNATION charts… and I just visited your site.  I’m playing and really enjoying your sound.  ‘Come, Come, Ye Saints’ is a terrific jump on a great track.  Best of luck in your musical pursuits.” ~ Gabrian New, Salt Lake City, UT
“Love your music, Anne!” ~ Sarah Weyland, Terciera, Azores, Portugal
“I have been awed by your musical talent since I first met you in the pit band for ‘High School Musical.’  Your latest arrangement of ‘Come, Come, Ye Saints’ is so full of emotion and feeling…among the best I have ever heard.  This particular hymn is my most favorite hymn and you have styled it amazingly well.  Keep up your good work…your talent certainly shines through.” ~ Ron Bork, Willamina, OR
“Your new arrangement of ‘Come, Come, Ye Saints’ is wonderful.  Keep up the good work!” ~ Aaron Waite, St. George, UT
“Your arrangements are wonderful.  I enjoy listening to each new one.  Keep up the great work!  I personally think each one is amazing, but each one seems to outdo the previous one.  Great job!” ~ Jerald Simon (President, Music Motivation®), Kaysville, UT
“I listened to your latest arrangement [“Michael Row…”], and thoroughly enjoyed it.  You are a talent, as well as an inspiration.  I will continue to stay current with your website and work.” ~ Donna Rae Umsted-Fender, Houston, TX
“Anne has a talent that I covet.  Ability, plus the true understanding of music without damaging interesting creativity.  That, I am openly jealous of.” ~ Brady Goss, Wallowa, OR
“Thank you, Anne!  I just love ‘Bridge to Tomorrow’ among others.  Thanks for these gifted offerings!  What a wonderful arrangement [of ‘I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day’]!!!  You have expressed the emotions of that piece as I’ve never heard!  WOW!  Expressively marvelous!!!” ~ Ralph Mineo, North Baltimore, OH
“Great job on your arrangement of ‘I Stand All Amazed!’ You did a great job of keeping it both beautiful and simple.  Keep up the great work!” ~ Jason Tonioli, Hooper, UT
“I just listened to the recording of ‘Little Niagara.’  Another winner!!  That will be so much fun to play – and a great follow-up for those who play [Jon Schmidt’s] ‘Waterfall’ and say, ‘I want another one like that!’  Your music is every bit as good as Jon Schmidt’s.  It has taken him a while to get known, and it will you, too, but I’m sure it will happen.” ~ Valerie Brown, Cave Junction, OR
“I love your music, mom.  Keep up the great work.  :)” ~ Bryan Adams, McMinnville, OR
“What truly beautiful music, Anne!  Amazing talent!” ~ Kimberly Lewis, Keizer, OR
I finally listened to some of your compositions, Anne.  I’m so impressed!  Amazing range and so wonderfully entertaining!  My favorites are the ragtime – like ‘Walk the Dog’ and ‘I Have Two Little Hands.’  Your compositions are incredible – clearly one of those gifted musical thinkers.” ~ Linda Hugle, Wimer, OR
“Mom, I love your music. You are a role model to me. Always bright and cheerful. You never give up on your music and usually when you are home, the wonderful music fills the air. You are off in your own world. So am I. Usually, when I am in the kitchen instead of turning on the radio, I put on your CD. I always dance around and forget about a lot of things. I love you mom.” ~ Mason Short (at age 10), McMinnville, OR
“I’m really enjoying ‘Underground.’  It has some great harmonies and rhythms, and has real depth to it.  Some parts sound serious and thoughtful, almost like it represented the original tune, ‘When Johnny Comes Marching Home.’   I think this one is going to be a big hit.” ~ Valerie Brown, Cave Junction, OR
“I always thought you were a wonderful musician, but after hearing your original compositions, I think you’re amazing!  Your music does what music should do when you listen to it – it paints a mental picture in your mind and you feel the emotion of the song.  Well done!” ~ Michael Larsen, McMinnville, OR
“Thanks for sending me the link, Anne.  This really is beautiful!” ~ Dan Hinmon, McMinnville, OR
“Congrats, Anne.  This is wonderful.  I listened to all your music.  You are VERY talented.  I love all the different styles.  Thanks for sharing with me (and for giving my words wings).  I look forward to hearing more in the future.” ~ Sheila Kindred, Ames, IA
“That day at Lost Lake was without a doubt the most stressful day of my life.  I’m pretty sure that I would have imploded had Dave not been there to set me at ease a bit.  As bad as I felt, nothing could compare to the relief that I felt when I heard that Ryan, Zack and Max were safe.  I learned a lot of new things about myself on that tough day, and I’m looking forward to having a new perspective on ‘Lost Lake.'” ~ Steve Bernhisel, McMinnville, OR
“You’ve really captured the individual quality of your family.  They each have a unique flavor.  There were those that made me smile, like ‘Walk the Dog’ and ‘March of the Rubber Duckies.’  I’m especially fond of ‘Bridge to Tomorrow (Anne’s Theme).’ Beautifully done – straight out of your creative nature! ” ~ Barbara Stanley, McMinnville, OR
“You are so amazing!  I didn’t know that you wrote music!  I love it!  I’m soooo a fan!” ~ Emily Cox, Salt Lake City, UT
“Wow, your music is amazing!” ~ Julie Packard, Corvallis, OR
“Whatever you do in life, never stop writing music!  It’s beautiful.” ~ Wilbert Smeets, The Netherlands
“Wow, those tunes are ace!” ~ Danny Armstrong, North Wales, U.K.
“J’aime beaucoup la musique!” ~ Kerri Short, McMinnville, OR
“Amazing music from a spectacular woman!  I’m glad you made it available for everyone to enjoy.  Some music is great to listen to, as is yours, but besides being great it also gives many of us a personal ‘experience’ that touches our hearts, minds, and souls.  Thanks for sharing your talents with the world!” ~ Dave Britt, McMinnville, OR