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Eight Dollar Boogie

eightdollarmtn-259x194One of my first musical projects was writing a piece for each member of my immediate family (collectively titled “Family Suite”). But this piece was written in 2012 in honor of the person who first got me started in music, oversaw my piano practicing as a kid, played piano duets with me, practiced wonderful classical music herself for me to listen to as I fell asleep at night, and is now one of my biggest fans. My mom loves playing boogie woogie music and likes anything in a minor key, like I do, so this one’s for her. It’s named after Eight Dollar Mountain, which overlooks the house we grew up in in southern Oregon.

According to www.oregonhiking.com, three-mile-wide Eight Dollar Mountain looks like a young volcano, but it’s actually an erosional remnant that includes some of Oregon’s oldest rocks. These rocks produce a soil so infertile that plants have struggled to adapt. As a result, Eight Dollar Mountain is an island of botanical diversity, home to odd bogs and rare flowers (such as the carnivorous Darlingtonia shown here). The mountain’s name dates to the 1850s gold rush, and most likely recalls a nugget unearthed along the Illinois River at the mountain’s base. Another story is that a man wore out a pair of shoes worth $8.00 walking around its base.

 It also turns out there’s a bluegrass band from Ashland called “Eight Dollar Mountain.”