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 The word “Uirapuru” (pronounced weer-ah-poo-roo, or something close to that) is the name of both an actual Amazonian bird (also known as the Musician Wren) and a mythical creature. In the rain forest, the bird Uirapuru sings once a year, when it builds its nest; even then, only from five to ten minutes early in the morning. According to the legend, Uirapuru’s song is so beautiful that all other birds stop singing to listen to it. Yet in another version of the legend, a human being is transformed after his death into the enchanted Uirapuru, breathing new life into the silent forest. Both in legend and reality, Uirapuru is a symbol of rarefied beauty. As an interesting side note, Uirapuru was also the name of a limited edition Brazilian sports car that came out around 1967.

Click here to listen to an actual recording of Uirapuru’s song, which was the basis of this piece.  There are two distinct melody snippets that were incorporated several times throughout the piece; in the recording above, you’ll hear the first one right away, repeated over and over, and it changes to the second one at about 1:45 into the recording.

Featured on the Music Xray New Songs Weekender,  July 11, 2010:

“This is dreamy music.  It’s meant for relaxation or could be a good lullaby.  Great piano play.”