Sheet Music Sites

    • I Can Play It!
      Free simplified arrangements of songs from the Children’s Songbook and Sharing Time Outlines
    • LDS Hymns
      Online version of the official 1985 hymnbook
    • Free Sacred Sheet Music
      A searchable library of instrumental and choral/vocal music from LDS and other composers
    • Sally DeFord
      Instrumental and choral/vocal music
    • Aaron Waite
      Instrumental and choral/vocal music
    • Jason Tonioli
      Piano music and some choral
    • The Piano Guys
      Piano (+ optional cello on some) sheet music from The Piano Guys, and Jon Schmidt’s pre-TPG music
    • Music Motivation® by Jerald Simon
      Sheet music, MP3’s, and educational resources
    • Garrett Breeze
      Instrumental and choral music
    • Free Sheet Music
      A list of links to other sites with free sheet music downloads, lessons, tips, & articles
    • Nathan Howe
      Choral/vocal music
    • Betsy Lee Bailey
      Instrumental and choral/vocal music plus resources for teaching children
    • Hymn Arrangements
      A searchable database of publications held by BYU’s Harold B. Lee Library, or those that are freely available online
    • Latter Day Arrangements
      An LDS sheet music resource designed with ward choirs and Sacrament Meeting musical numbers in mind
    • Hand, Wrist, and Finger Positioning
      Hand-positioning guide for piano players, musical terms, more free music sites, and music theory resources (shout-out to Pat for suggesting this one!)

Other Music-Related Sites

  • Drums Player World
    Have you always wanted to learn drums but don’t know where to start?

Non-Music Sites

  • Mac Attack!
    McMinnville’s holiday pickleball tournament