Colonel Bogey March (chill remix)


“Colonel Bogey March” was composed in 1914 by Lieutenant F. J. Ricketts, bandmaster for the British Army, under the pen name Kenneth J. Alford. The sheet music sold millions of copies, and the melody has been used in a parody about the ill effects of consuming the cleaning product Comet. Two fun facts from Wikipedia: 1) It was the first song ever played by a computer; and 2) As of 2019, it was still the most commonly played song by ice cream trucks in the UK. This intermediate piano solo remix takes the march out of “Colonel Bogey March” and gives it a lazy, swinging feel in 9/8 time. 4 pages. Performance time: approximately 1:55. Included in the “Piano Remixes: Classics Vol. 2” songbook.

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