Crossing the Waters (SAB vocal)


For my first attempt at writing a song with lyrics, I found a poem by Sheila Kindred published in a children’s magazine that seemed to be a good candidate for music. The verses tell three historic accounts of faithful disciples crossing the water: the Israelites crossing the Red Sea, Lehi’s family crossing the great seas to the promised land, and the early pioneers from Nauvoo, Illinois, crossing the frozen Mississippi River. The chorus focuses on the waters of baptism that lead to our Heavenly Father. After the piece was written, I was able to contact Sheila and share it with her, and she said she had actually envisioned the poem as a song when she wrote it. When I later did this choral arrangement (SAB) for our church choir, two of her daughters were able to come to McMinnville to hear it performed. 2 pages. Intermediate level.

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