Family Suite


My project during 2008 was writing a suite of diverse pieces, one for each member of the family, trying to portray their individual personalities in the music. It was impossible to keep the family from hearing the pieces as they were being written and recorded throughout the year (those were my pre-keyboard days), but they didn’t know the music had anything to do with them. I loved seeing and hearing the reactions on Christmas as they each opened their personalized sheet music and CD of the entire suite and realized what the project was and which piece belonged to each person. The Family Suite includes Boomerang, Bridge to Tomorrow, Drifting, Lilypad Lullaby, March of the Rubber Duckies, Un Poco Loco, Walk the Dog, and Zero to Sixty. 39 pages.

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1.  Lilypad Lullaby (Kerri’s Theme)

2.  Walk the Dog (Kristin’s Theme)

3.  Un Poco Loco (Ryan’s Theme)

4.  Drifting (Traci’s Theme)

5.  Boomerang (Mason’s Theme)

6.  Zero to Sixty (Zack’s Theme)

7.  March of the Rubber Duckies (Dave’s Theme)

8.  Bridge to Tomorrow (Anne’s Theme)

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