The Messiah Medley


Presenting themes from seven of the most loved songs from “Messiah,” this seamlessly woven medley gives you the opportunity to enjoy the highlights of Handel’s masterpiece as a solo piano performance. Subtle variations in harmony and rhythm bring a new feel to the classic melodies while staying true to the emotion and overall style. 9 pages. Approximate performance time: 6 minutes. Performance suggestion: To avoid page turns, try taping pages 1-4 together and 5-9 together and spread them open in two layers. The fermata at the end of page 4 gives you ample time to subtly (or with a grand flourish if you prefer) pull off the top layer and drop it to the side. Included in the “Christmas Eve” songbook.

This is a PDF file available for immediate download at the end of the checkout process. You should also receive a secure link by email within a few minutes to download later if you wish. If you don’t see the email, check your spam or junk folder.

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