Un Poco Loco (Ryan’s Theme)


This fun, offbeat piece was written as part of the “Family Suite” and is dedicated to my son, Ryan. A lot of people know that Ryan is good at sports, a hard worker, and a dedicated student. Many have witnessed his amazing ability to eat. But a few of us also know and appreciate his goofy, spontaneous side. He brings a lot of life, laughter, and energy to our home. Having taken Spanish in high school, he could tell you that “un poco loco” means “a little crazy” – and that’s meant as a compliment! He once expressed his love for food in a variation of the song, “O Christmas Tree,” that he called, “O Cheeseburger,” and a little bit of that managed to work itself into this piece, in his honor. 3 pages. Intermediate level. Performance time: approximately 1:35. Included in the “Family Suite” songbook.

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