I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your arrangement of “Does the Journey Seem Long?” and how inspiring it has been to me personally. I began learning it several months ago to play in Sacrament Meeting, but was waiting for an appropriate time. As the music chair in my ward, I wanted to make sure it supported the theme of the talks. There were a couple of times I was ready to add it to the program, only to remove it because it didn’t feel right. This week’s theme was “Knowing Our Heavenly Father and Our Savior.” I thought it was a stretch, but felt prompted to finally perform it. The sister who spoke just before the musical number shared some beautiful experiences that aligned perfectly with the text of this hymn and I knew why I had waited. Spontaneously, I decided to introduce the song, in relation to the talk, before I sat down to play and was humbled by how many people opened their hymn books to follow along. Your arrangements are truly inspired and this one paints such a lovely image of the triumphant reunion with our Heavenly Father. Many members shared with me afterwards how touched they were by your arrangement. So, thank you! Thank you for sharing your talent! You are doing a great work.

I discovered an arrangement of yours (Master, the Tempest Is Raging) on LDS.org. I’m sorry to say that I didn’t recognize your name, having never come across your music before. Sorry to say, because I love the arrangement and can’t wait to explore other music by you. It’s wonderful to find music that is beautiful, accessible, and uplifting. I look forward to discovering more of your compositions.

I recently performed your arrangement of “Master the Tempest is Raging” in sacrament meeting.  As it turned out, the ward music chairman put me on the schedule for the Sunday right after President Monson passed away.  I read online that President Monson always asked his Sunday School teacher to play “Master the Tempest.”  So I had the privilege of playing President Monson’s favorite boyhood hymn.  It was special to me to play that in his honor the week of his funeral.

Your arrangement was loved and enjoyed by the members of my little rural ward here in Pennsylvania!  Many of our ward members here deal with really tough challenges.  One sister told me that she was very touched by your portrayal of the contrast between tempest and calm.

Just wanted to thank you for your music!

This is Puff as you have never heard him before! Beautiful! If you haven’t checked out the arranger’s YouTube video with a violinist, do it now! It will bring tears to your eyes at the sheer beauty of the music of this children’s classic. I sent a link to a counselor in my Stake Presidency and his comment was “keep the music, change the words, and you have a new church hymn.” Check out the arranger’s website for brilliant arrangements of other children’s songs, and an outstanding album of hymn arrangements available for purchase  (so worth the price!) and terrific hymn arrangements for use in Church, others for fun, and some great original compositions.